Pure Energy Therapy/ J Moore Massage
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Classes / Workshops


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 Intuitive Development Learning with Hands on techniques  7pm - 8:15 pm $20.00

Reiki Circle    Practice Giving and Receiving Reiki   11:30 am- 1pm   $10.00

Medium ship Practice Group  1:30 pm - 3:30 pm $20.00

Voices 2pm - 4pm $30.00 adv and $35.00 at door.  Spirit Gallery reading connecting to the other side to rely messages to you!


 Fair  Noon to 6pm

 Intuitive Development  7pm to 8:30 pm $20.00  We learn different Spiritual techniques to enhance our own unique abilities.

 Reiki Circle 11:30 am - 1pm  $10.00  Whether you know Reiki or not come and feel the energy of Love, everyone gives and receives the Loving energy.

Learn to Read Oracle Cards-   2pm - 3:30 pm $25.00   Tap into your ability to read cards and see the future of others it is really simply if you allow yourself to be open!

Goal Setting - 7 pm - 9pm  $33.00 -  Earth day is a great day to do Goal Setting!  Have you thought about your future and how you would like it to be?   Wealth, Love, Peace, Travel, Family........  Now is the time to start putting your energy into making your future a reality.  See it, Feel it, raise the vibration of it.  We will show you how to do that.  Please RSVP for this class, if you have extra magazines and scissors please bring them.   

Crystal Grid Workshop - Come learn about how to Grid for different area's in your life.  Skilled Sacred Stone Grid creators can attest to the powerful medicine their grids bring to people in need.  Grids can be made to shift any energy or welcome any healing.  Just like you would use the healing power of a single stone. Only combined and amplified!   $45.00   Time: Noon - 3pm   RSVP  email: pureenergytherapy@yahoo.com


Reader's Practice Group, or Learning to read cards

Learning is fun, just be open to something new then later in the month we will have a practice reading for others.  Reader's Practice Group is for those who want to Read Cards but are nervous, or new at it.  This is a perfect practice time if you are looking for people o read for who do not judge but are here to support you and help you grow in your skills.  By practicing with each other just makes you better! 

Please bring you Deck of Cards or you may purchase a Deck in the Store.


Reiki Circle Practice well you just learn Reiki and have no one to practice on, or you have not work on any one in a long time and want to brush up on your skills.  Come on in and practice receiving and giving reiki. 


Sitting in Spirit is a way to make a connection with the other side we do meditation, and then do hands on activities it is up to spirit what we do for the night. 


Janette Moore LMT  RM/T


Location: The Spirit Quest Center, 303 Main Street

RSVP space is limited